The BWE team is always looking for new technologies to automate your event registration and session access control. Projects are frequently update to improve both software and hardware. Our target is to provide the most efficient solutions to event owners, event organizers and exhibitors. 
  • SQL database server
  • High-reliable registration software
  • Applications servers
  • Optical Fiber
  • Compact and lightweight lead retrieval system
  • Label printers
  • LAN-Local Area Network
  • Registration systems that capture and print attendees photos on the badge

The registration software desenvolved is extremely easy to use. We have staff members who design, set up and full customize it, using the most efficient database commands, netware apllications and statistics.

BWE team will provide solution to dovetail all systems (online registration, onsite registration and session access control).

The registration software is high-reliable, it means that even though we have a server or a network fail, the software, by itself, can handle it and will still working. And as soon as the problem is solved data is update to the server.

This is a new technology designed by our team and used at: World Petroleum Congress 2002 - Brazil and Cumbre Iberoamericana 2003 - Bolivia.

Webcam captures the photo and the systems can print it on the badge, or stores it to be verified when the attendee gain entrance to sessions and trade shows. This system increse the security, because the badge can't be changed, so just the owner can use it.

Exhibitors and Service Registration

Online registration makes possible all exhibitors and third parts send their badge list to event organizer for printing. This process eliminates typing mistakes, and hassles.

Attendees Registration

Online registration alows pre-registration to attendees, so increase agility, eliminates typing mistakes and long lines.

Session and trade shows access control are provided by Palm technology. A portabled microcomputer that uses laser to read barcodes.

All the barcodes read by palm are stores. So reports and analysis are provided.


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